A Guide to Eight Essential Pressure Washer Tools

A Guide to Eight Essential Pressure Washer Tools

While a pressure washer is one of the most powerful and effective cleaning tools, it does not do this independently. Instead, the machine requires added tools for better performance, also known as attachments. This post discusses the essential pressure washer tools.

Essential pressure washer tools

Before looking at the essential tools, let’s discuss how you will know which accessories you need. Your accessory requirements will be determined;

  • The application
  • The type of pressure washer
  • The type of surface
  • The pressure washer design

1. Nozzles

This is the pressure washer tool responsible for spraying water where you need it. There are different types of nozzles. The type of nozzle is determined by the pressure washer design and model. The two most popular types are multi-function and rotating nozzles. Multi-functional nozzles are designed to offer control over the amount of water pressure. Therefore, they come with multiple settings for various cleaning tasks. On the other hand, rotating nozzles allow fast cleaning and greater coverage.

2. Extension wands and lances

One of the recommended precautions for using a pressure washer is not using a ladder. The pressure from the machine may cause you to fall off the ladder and injure yourself. So what do you do if you want to clean high surfaces with a pressure washer?

This is where extension wands and lances come in. These pressure washer tools allow you to reach higher places without risking your safety. In addition, some extension wands and lances come with added accessories like adjustable nozzles.

3. Hose reels

The role of a hose reel is to help you store your pressure washer hose when it is not in use. In addition, it helps keep the hose from tangling and makes it easier to pull when pressure cleaning.

4. Pivot coupler

This pressure washer tool helps you reach difficult places. For instance, you can reach various angles and areas high up with a pivot coupler. This tool is especially important when working with a cold water power washer.

5. Sand Injectors

These pressure washer tools strip away coatings, paint, hard and random stains from a surface. They ensure that the random stains are eliminated without too applying too much effort.

6. Ball valve

This tool allows you to switch from the pressure washer gun to the rotary cleaner without detaching either component. It is great for an extensive cleaning task where you need both functions.

7. Surface cleaners

These pressure washer tools are great for cleaning a flat surface. They help distribute the pressure over a large area without neglecting the specific plot you want to clean. Surface cleaners also ensure that the debris from the cleaned surface does not spray over other areas. For instance, cleaning a grill will ensure the grease and grime do not spray on your surfaces.

8. Water filters

This is a mandatory tool for sensitive cleaning tasks. The role of the filters is to ensure that the water spraying from the nozzles is without any contaminants. The filters also help protect other components of your power washer from getting clogged with dirt or damaged by contaminants.


There are several other accessories you can add to your pressure washer. Additionally, not all attachments will work on your pressure washer. You have to consider elements like size and materials when selecting attachments for your machine.