A Simple Guide to Using a Portable Automotive Jump Starter

A Simple Guide to Using a Portable Automotive Jump Starter

A powerful and portable automotive jump starter is ideal for jump-starting a disabled car. With it, you do not need to worry about your cars getting stuck when you do not expect it. In the market, you will find some of the best jump starters worth every amount you spend. For instance, visit www.osiaspart.com to see some of the best and most powerful jump starters on the market. One of the main things you can look forward to on the best jump starters available on the OSIAS website is the reliability and easy-to-use features.

How to use a portable automotive jump starter

Have you just acquired your care, and you are wondering how you will be using the portable just starter you have already ordered? The process of using a portable jump starter is relatively straightforward. The manual gives you details of everything you need to do from start to finish. Here are simplified steps on how you can do it efficiently.

Wear Protective equipment

Before working on your car, ensure your protective equipment is on. The protective equipment includes goggles and gloves. The equipment will ensure you do not encounter any direct harm. Also, ensure you do not have any jewelry to prevent electric shock.

Turn off the car you are working on

One crucial precaution to remember is that you should never work on a car when it is on. It may lead to avoidable catastrophic events. Also, make sure that your clutch is in a neutral position. Then, turn off the car. Once you turn off the car, make sure to have the jump starter ready, on the ground, and further away from flammable liquids, straps, and the engine.

Find the battery

Different cars have varying specifications; check the user manual for any specifications. Then find where the car's battery is. Also, make sure that you unplug the battery charger for safety purposes. If you ignore the battery charger, it may cost you in the end.

Connect the clamps to the negative and positive terminals

This step is essential; make sure to pay careful attention to it. First, locate the negative and positive terminals. Then turn off the jump starter to connect the negative clamp of the jump starter to the negative post on the battery. When you finish, do the same to the positive clamp. Confirm that the clamps' connection is perfect so that it will not drop off or loosen when the car begins to shake.

Turn on the jump starter

After the clamps are in place, turn on the jump starter. Also, turn on your car's plug-in battery charger. The battery will automatically begin charging. Leave it for a while, then turn off the charger. Once you complete that process, turn your car on; if it starts, it is a good sign.


As you can see from above, jump-starting a car with a portable automotive jump starter is very easy. However, you should first consult the user manual on the best practice. Also, make sure to wear protective clothing for extra protection.