Context of the book “wicked villains series”

Context of the book “wicked villains series”

It is adult series of novels written by Katee Robert. Jasmine's entire life is burned up into flames. Her father sold her. Jafar offered her a choice as her life was in flames. Either she can win her fortune back or she can have nothing. She bargained and lost. Jafar owns her now. This novel is about rules and sexual punishments that her body loves when she breaks them. Although she wants to get her freedom back and falls for the man too. The wicked villains series has 301 chapters. You can read the series online from a reliable website.

Chapter 1

Jasmine's father sold her in a meeting of two wealthy families. Her mouth had always gotten her into difficulties. She slipped into the deep shadows as soon as a man walked into the room. Man is moving towards his bed silently. He is not innocent and he is here for her. She is thinking of not going quietly.  He said good evening, jasmine. She is a daughter and her father will not consider her as his heir. Jafar will not consider that too. Jafar catches her wrist and harshly spins her to face him. He tilted her head back and roughly captured her chin. Anger and fear are flaming inside jasmine. She wished she should be stronger and more deadly.  Jafar’s thumbs were brushing her lips. Jasmine is thinking of brushing his chest with her breasts. Jafar hold her closer and shifted the grip from chin to neck.

Jafar seems so much bigger and his cock wants her. All of this makes her fearless. He said your father is gone and started digging the fingers in the flesh roughly. Jafar said you are mine, jasmine. He again touched her neck and jasmine licked her lips she was seeing his attention towards her lips. Jafar said everything is his belonging now once which was in her father’s possession. Jafar offered him freedom and said if you want you can step out of the door. No man or person will touch you, and you will not ever hear of me again. Jasmine is considering it a trap.

Chapter 2

Jafar said he won tonight and her father has made the wrong choices. He came closer to jasmine and said her to choose. Jasmine wants to ask Jafar for his money and wants to leave and never wants to see him again. He said to Jafar to whom Jafar laughed. Jafar made her another deal which is another trap. Jafar stops near his bed and asks jasmine to tun if she succeeded in making it to the front he will release the money for her. If Jafar catches her she will be his belonging and she didn’t want him to catch her. Jasmine run down the staircase and moved as fast as she can. Jafar started enjoying chasing her. If you want to know what jasmine faced she get caught or succeeded in escaping then you can read the full book wicked villain series online.