How to Maintain Your Pressure Washer With Hot Water

by Sharon

If you have a pressure washer, you’ve probably wondered how to maintain it. After all, pressure washer hot water will cut through oil and grease and get them off your surfaces much faster than cold water can. In addition to that, hot water produces steam that acts as a natural disinfectant. Use soap or a cleaning solution when cleaning with hot water for even more results. Here are some tips to keep your pressure washer in top condition:

If you’re cleaning concrete, try a multi-purpose detergent designed for concrete. There are specific detergents for concrete that are specifically designed to remove these deposits. Also, don’t forget to use a degreaser. Mold and mildew can damage the siding. Efflorescence can be a real headache, so it’s important to know how to remove it effectively. Fortunately, there’s no need to despair! You can also buy degreasers specifically designed for concrete.

Keeping your pressure washer clean will save you money on detergent

Hot water pressure washers require less detergent. They also can clean faster, which will save you money on laundry detergent. Hot water pressure washers have adjustable pressure valves so you can customize the pressure to match your cleaning task. A good hot water pressure washer should have a 35-foot power cord and a convenient carrying handle. Cold water pressure washers are also more economical and work great for light to medium cleaning tasks. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning vehicles, siding, and decks.

There are some basic maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your pressure washer in tip-top shape. These maintenance tasks don’t require disassembling your machine and will take less than five minutes. They can be performed with step-by-step instructions and pictures. Listed below are the most important tasks you need to perform for your pressure washer. Checking for leaks is a great way to avoid any damage.

Check the filter

There may be sediments that have accumulated in the machine. If this is the case, you should flush the water through the pressure washer. You can do this by switching to low pressure and disconnecting the detergent source. After removing any sediments, rinse the machine with clean water and let it run for a few minutes. After cleaning, be sure to remove any dirt from the nozzle.

Cleaning the pressure washer regularly will keep it operating as efficiently as possible

Dirty surfaces are more likely to damage the machine and your employees. You will also save money by preventing unnecessary repairs and replacements. A properly maintained pressure washer will also last longer and cost less to operate. If you own a rental property, you should purchase a hot water pressure washer to keep it looking its best. It will keep your guests and clients satisfied and make your business relationship pleasant.

Fresh gas and oil are essential to the proper performance of your pressure washer

If you’re using gas, add a stabilizer to old gas before using it. Replace the spark plug if it is corroded. If it is not, you may experience difficulty starting the unit and inefficiency while using it. Also, make sure that you have plenty of room to move the unit five feet away from your property.

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