Significance, Qualities & Types of Pens

Significance, Qualities & Types of Pens

People have been using pens since the ancient times. Pens are an important writing tool that is used by many people. Pens are used in different ways, but there is one thing common in all bulk pens, that is, they all have a nib.

The nib of a pen is the part of the pen which comes into contact with paper or other surfaces on which you write. The nib is made up of two parts: the front part and back part. The front part of a nib is called feed and it holds ink while the back part is called tip and it transfers ink onto paper when you write.

The significance of pens in our lives:

  • Signature proofing: A signature printed on paper could be faked easily by an experienced person who knows how to make fake signatures easily. However, if you use a ballpoint pen with a black ink cartridge then it will be difficult for anyone else to make a fake signature which looks similar to your real one because every person has their unique way of signing things.
  • Writing letters: Whether it's sending letters via snail mail or emails, writing letters is still an important part of communicating with others. Even if you don't send physical letters anymore, you can still use your pens to communicate with loved ones through handwritten cards or notes sent through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Types of Pens

There are a number of different types of pens available. Most people use ball point ink pens, but there are many other options to choose from. These include:

Ballpoint Pens

These have a small ball inside that rotates as the pen moves across the paper, this allows it to flow smoothly across the page without stopping or skipping. Ballpoint pens are good for using on most surfaces.

Marker pens

Marker pens contain water-based ink that is non toxic and safe to use on most surfaces such as paper, glass or metal. Like felt tip markers, marker pens come in different sizes and colours and are usually used by children in schools or at home for colouring pictures.

Felt tip pens

Felt tip pens have a small metal tip that is covered in felt. The ink inside these types of pens is water-based and non-toxic. Felt tip pens are available in different sizes and colours and are often used by children for colouring pictures or for drawing.


Pens have been the most important tools in handwritten communication since ages. They're writing tools but there is more to them than meets the eyes of an honest reader. A good pen has to be a good companion, it should help its owner's hand in writing, by complementing it and learning from its mistakes. Many companies make pens today at different price tags with different purposes. Pens can mean traits that were not noticeable before, like gentleness, kindness, fidelity and so on. Therefore, the perfect pen is selected only if it's worth your hard-earned money.