Ultimate Guide to Buying a Dragon Sword

Ultimate Guide to Buying a Dragon Sword

Historically, Japanese swords were used by warriors and ninjas. The dragon is the most popular magical creature and therefore was used to decorate many things including swords. A dragon sword has a dragon theme on the handle and sometimes on the blade.

In the video game world, the dragon sword is well known well by fans of Ninja Gaiden. It's a weapon of immense power wielded by Ryu Hayabusa, the protagonist of the game. In Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal Kombat Gold, a dragon sword with a wavy blade, designed to mimic a Dragon's body, was used by Liu Kang.

Parts of a Dragon Sword

The dragon sword, like any other sword, is made up of several components; the blade, scabbard, grip, and tsuba.

  • Blade: This is the cutting edge of a sword. Most functional dragon swords are made of heat-treated and sharpened carbon steel.
  • Scabbards: This is also known as the sheath. It is usually made of leather and serves as a casing for the safe transportation of the sword.
  • Grip: This is where the sword becomes an extension of the arm. The grip is made of pieces of wood held together and wrapped in leather. A tight grip will improve the maneuverability of the sword.
  • Tsuba: This is a round guard at the end of the grip. It contributes to the balance of the sword and aids in protecting the hand.

Dragon Sword Buying Tips

It can be confusing to buy a sword due to the vast number of swords available online. Here are some things to consider if you're thinking of buying a sword.

  1. Intentions: You first of all need to think about why you want to buy a sword. Dragon swords can be decorative, functional, or stage combat swords. Decorative swords are made for display. They are not made to hit anything. Functional swords are battle-ready swords. These are real swords made from high carbon steel. Stage combat swords are used by movie actors for their fight scenes.
  2. Cost: You will then have to think about how much you're willing to spend to buy your sword. Decorative swords can cost anywhere from $16 to $900. Functional swords cost anywhere from $50 to $2000. Stage combat swords are very affordable and can be bought for under $300.
  3. Style of the sword: Finally, you have to think of the style of dragon sword you want. Do you want a historically accurate one or one specific for a particular culture like a Japanese katana dragon sword? You could also get a fantasy-style blade.

Dragon swords can have many uses depending on their size and type. Dragon swords can either be functional like katanas or decorative or fantasy-style short swords. Decorative dragon swords can be used as décor for your home or office. They are also perfect for costume parties like Halloween. Functional dragon swords can be part of camping gear or survival kits and can be used as practice swords. Gift your loved one today with a dragon sword and watch their imagination go wild.