What is a pressure washer and how it work?

What is a pressure washer and how it work?

The pressure washer also referred to as a power washer is a motorized device that pushes water through high pressure to get rid of dirt and grime, dust, and stains off of vehicles as well as siding, concrete, stones, wood fences, windows, decks, and more all within the home.

The tough cleaning tasks that could take hours to complete manually using a garden hose, bucket, or scrub brush can be accomplished in a fraction of a time by using pressure washers. Not only can pressure washers assist in the speedy completion of these tasks and reduce the amount of water consumed by up to 75 percent.

Pressure washer components

No matter which model of pressure washer you purchase, you'll notice the design and layout to be very similar in every model. The most important elements of a pressure wash are the following

Electric Motor or Gas Engine

The source of power for the pump is high-pressure. In electric models the motor is hidden within the body of the pressure cleaner in gas models, the motor is accessible.

Water Inlet

Attaches to a garden pipe and then draws water to the pump via the faucet.

High-Pressure Pump

Water is drawn through the high-pressure pump, where it is compressed before it is released through the outlet for water.

High-Pressure Hose

A specially designed and reinforced system that can ensure the safe transport of pressurized water to the spray gun.

Spray Gun/Wand

With a trigger mechanism that allows users to switch off and on with the water spray at high pressure simply by pressing or releasing the trigger on the gun's handle.


This allows it to effortlessly moved from one location to another without lifting.

In addition to these important elements, you'll be able to find units equipped with onboard detergent tanks, detergent applicators spray tips that permit users to alter the pattern of spray water, as well as other attachments specifically designed for specific cleaning tasks like automobiles and floor scrubbing. They also have window washing..

The PSI range and uses?

Light-duty pressure washers that fall in the 1300 to 1700 psi range are ideal for cleaning patio furniture steps, lawn equipment, and cars such as vehicles as well as small SUVs.

Medium duty pressure washers in the 1,800 - 2,000 PSI range are able to tackle larger projects, such as big SUVs as well as RVs, siding, fencing as well as garage floors, decks, and driveways.

Pressure washers with heavy-duty capabilities that are in the 2,100 PSI and over range provide additional cleaning power and are perfect for larger jobs like lengthy driveways, farm equipment, and stripping paint. Pressure washers that fall in this PSI range typically are gas-powered models.

Pressure washing benefits

Pressure washing is a breeze for anyone. Traditional cleaning tasks usually require the use of a lot of energy, time, as well as elbow grease. When you use pressure washing, there will be no requirement to scrub or work to break up stubborn debris. Spare your joints and back from the strain.

Pressure washing can keep your family secure. Your home is more than just family. On the exterior walls, decks, and walkways, you'll discover a variety of unique pollutants, ranging in severity from dust to mold that can be harmful. Cleaning with pressure blasts dangerous substances from the surface,